Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Betrayal of a Nation

Over two years ago, we the people of this United kingdom were given a vote.

Our UK government requested that the people of this nation, should decide in a democratic vote, a question Parliament said it could not answer

Should the UK stay in the EU

The ballot paper explained it perfectly

Then in an truly Historic vote
The People instructed the Government
Leave the European Union “

Not half leave, not a quarter leave.
We Voted to leave

Then the trouble started
Not accepting the peoples wishes the UK Government and Parliament turned against its people
The peoples own politicians called us fools, idiots, uneducated , we did not know
what we were doing, but in reality we did.

That was only the start

Prime Minster Cameron who promised to trigger Article 50 the very day after the referendum , Resigned
He lied

We waited for that promise to be honoured, we waited and waited so the elites appointed Mrs May as the Leader of the Party in a vote-less coronation, yes for the first time Members were refused a vote in the leader selection.
Foreign money poured into the UK , paying for court cases to stop Brexit, this money still pours in today

Since that day you could be forgiven for thinking that the whole of the UK's ruling classes have gone into total meltdown.

They have lied , changed the meaning of the referendums wording, actively colluded with leaders of foreign powers to overthrow the election , while encouraging “Project fear” with Broadcasters and MSM.

All in a vain attempt to sway public opinion.

Project fear has now continued for over 2 long years, amusingly it has Not produced the results our EU controlled Parliament of this vassal state wanted.

Rather than wear down the British electorate in readiness for the usual EU 2nd referendum, seen all across Europe , “Project fear” has not altered the peoples opinion one iota ,

Indeed the daily political attacks on our nations voters, have failed and actually turned the BBC into a national Joke, with twitter comments asking

What's BBC's agenda today ? This will be Tomorrows news at 9

Even today the BBC is hinting that Brexiteers are causing trouble and upsetting Mrs May

This nonsense only serves to strengthen the peoples resolve and distrust against our Parliament and media to the point were every item of BBC News and political programmes are being classed as Fake

So in complete desperation, “Project Fear” has been given a brother called “Project Ignore” both are now running together, Our government is pressing ahead with staying in the EU, while ignoring 17,500,000 voters

Today's News
As I write this we are stuck with a lame duck Prime Minister who is not wanted by the people,

The latest poll this morning of 15,000 questioned shows a massive 87% say they DO NOT support Mrs May's version of Brexit

Worse still In another survey on Conservative Home of 1,225 Tory members found that 61% think the Mrs May's proposal would be a bad deal for Britain

Is Mrs May bothered ?
During the 2017 General election
Mrs May said the UK would would leave the Customs Union and leave the Single Market
Mrs May Lied to You

Even tonight after 2 more MPs who are deputy Party Chairmen have resigned, 
Mrs May would rather host another meeting with EU leaders in Downing Street.

That's correct, the Worst Prime minister in the UK's history, with some saying the biggest socialist Prime Minster since Labours James Callaghan is having a cosy chat with her European friends .

It now seem apparent May would rather the Conservative party crumble beneath her than do the honourable thing for the country and Go

Listen to
Nigel Farage talks to James Whale
 In which he discusses Mr Trump on talkRADIO

Listen to

George Galloway's Mother of All Talk Shows

In which he talks about David Davis
and the Tory hate campaign against Margaret Thatcher

Blogger said
This betrayal is past party politics,  this is about our Nation. 
I don't think Mrs May fully understands or perhaps wants to know the depth of feeling in the Midlands and North

So lets just remind Tory and Labour MPs in marginal seats

Try selling Mrs May's UK sell-out to your voters and see what they do at the next General election

Yes, It hurts me to say

You will Lose Your Country to Europe



  1. Gosh. What a rant. Poor grammar, spelling, punctuation as well as inaccurate history about electio of Tory party leaders (have you not heard of men in grey suits)?
    What is even more amazing is that you seem to have believed Tory propaganda.To me this confirms your naievity. When you are old enough to vote you will realise this and vote anyone but Tory.

  2. I voted for Morris twice never again it
    If corbyn got in it cant get worse

  3. Blairite Troll

  4. Boris for PM, deselect Morris and James and replace with Tories