Sunday, 19 August 2018

Vote for Boris

The latest Polls today state more people than ever want to leave the EU, interestingly 
48 % of the people polled now consider our political classes are wilfully attempting to damage our Brexit to satisfy their own political remain agenda.

The latest trick in a long list of time wasting Government gimmicks is to attack Boris, this latest sham is little more than another distraction for two reasons the Rich and powerful are terrified Boris will deliver a good Brexit and secondly this is purely designed to make sure our country runs out of negotiating time, so
 Mrs May can come on the TV and say we must stop in the EU..

We hear of complaint after complaint being sent to the Conservative complaints department about, Remain Tory Lords, Remain MPs and the like , yet the only complaint being pursued by the party is a false one about Boris, in which the PM personally attacked him on TV, we now hear rumours that letters calling for a leadership election have gone in and are also being ignored.

Our country is in a constitutional crisis under this PM

We Voted out, but this Government will not let us leave
Today's Polls indicate 2.4 million former Remainers 
would now Vote Brexit

British people of all political persuasions across the whole UK have realised Mrs May's two years of fob off's and incompetence was not by accident, it was the plan all along to wear you down and change your opinion.

This Conservative Government has no interest in democracy,
 its not bothered with elections
and has no intention of honouring your democratic Brexit vote.

May's personal polling is at -26%
Corbyn at -35%
No one wants these useless leaders

If Mrs May's Government continues to allow this anti democratic attack
on the 17,500,000 Good people who voted for Brexit
It sends a message to the world that democracy in the UK is dead and the UK is no better than the farcical mess in Zimbabwe

A continued silence from our joke “Remain” Prime Minister is not an option

Mrs May and the EU are taking us all for fools

The United Kingdom needs a new Leader

We need a new Prime Minister
Who puts the UK first not Europe
EU Puppets need not apply

We need a leader with back bone, to fend off attacks from within.
The relentless Pro -EU tripe from our media and from our monopoly State broadcaster
is destabilising the UK

Now a bunch of very rich people are starting what they call
The “Peoples vote”, for a second referendum
A second referendum is a Vote for the Rich and multi nationals

They Do Not Respect You

They Do Not Respect Your Vote

Real Conservatives will soon have a choice, follow Mrs May with her Fake Brexit and be rejected by the people for a generation, or vote for a change in leadership.

Yes I hear you say , not one member voted for Mrs May last time!
That's quite correct , but CCHQ cant get away with that trick twice.

You the party members must be given a vote to make your selection, never again can a leader of the Conservative Party be appointed in a coronation by the CCHQ

Blogger said

Mrs May's Fake Brexit sell out must stop

Write to your MP and complain

We need Boris or Jacob
as the Prime Minister

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